Training Log: 9/7/16

Date: 9/7/16Wake time, total hours of sleep: 4:15, 7 hours of sleep

Morning Weight: 157.2

Pre workout & Intraworkout: Pre workout: BPI Vortex 3g/ Intraworkout: 5g creatine, 7g BCAA

Workout Overview: Front Squat Box Squats, Chest and Back. Abs @ night

Meal #1: Steak, bell pepper, nuts

Snacks: Protein shake with whole milk and heavy whipping cream

Meal #2: Eggs, turkey bacon, nuts

Carb Spike: Banana, almond butter

Reflection: Good day of training. Incorporate stretching specific muscles between sets. Will post an article regarding stretching in your workout on Wednesday, 9/14/16


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