Preseason Wrestling Conditioning Workouts (2.0)

This is a 4 week trainer. You will perform these workouts for 4 weeks and then change up the workouts to keep the body guessing.


Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday:
a. Zercher Squat: Heavy set of 3 a. 3 rounds: 2 min rest b/w rounds. Try to beat your score each round. a. Recovery a. KB/DB Front Squat: 3×8
b. Superset 6 min AMRAP 20-30 mins of light cardio work. Run, Rower, Bike, etc. b. 1 arm KB/DB Strict Press: 3×5
c. Superset: Min. 1: Max squat jumps c. Superset:
Rear Leg Elevated Split Squat: 3×10-12 reps each leg Min. 2: Max DB Clean & Press (light weight, go for reps) Rope Climbs/Towel Pull Ups: 3×2-4 ascents/3×12-15
Box Jumps: 3×8 Min 3: Max Handstand Push Ups or Push Ups Man Makers: 3×10
d. Superset: Min. 4: Max Overhead Plate Hold Lunge Steps or Jumping Lunges d. Superset:
Glute Bridges/GHR: 4×10-20 reps Min. 5: Max Pull Ups Pick 1 Bicep exercise: 4×20
Toes to Bar: 4×10-20 reps Min. 6: Max Burpees Pick 1 Tricep Exercise: 4×20
f. 400m lunges
Friday: Saturday: Sunday: (optional)
a. Sled Sprints or Row: “Angie” a. Mobility
10 Rounds: 1:1 Work/Rest Ratio For time: b. Abs.
100 Pull Ups c. Light cardio
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Air Squats

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