Personal Training Update

Nearly four weeks out from the Tahoe Show on August 27th in Lake Tahoe, California.

Wake time: 4:15am, total of 7 hours of sleep.

Morning weight: 157.6. Its a little higher than what I wanted today, but its all good. I should be back on track by Saturday.

Workout: Got to the gym at 5:15am. Did CoryGFitness; #GetStacked 11- Back Squat and Shoulders. Lunged 400m with a 40lb backpack, then 400m more just body weight. Normally I just do 800m with just bodyweight. The added vest was such a brutal and rude awakening. Did some lower back and abs to finish it off.

Meal #1: After a 14 hour fast, I had I piece of grilled chicken breast with 1 red bell pepper that was sautéed with onions in olive oil, with a side of a whole avocado and some almonds. Been sipping on water all day so far. Snacked on some almonds after that.

Meal #2: Chipotle bowl with double black beans, double veggies, double chicken, hot salsa, and a side of guac.

PM Carb Spike: 2 bananas with Adam’s peanut butter on each bite, and a few pieces of grilled cauliflower.


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