Day One Dark

Welcome to Settlage Strength and Conditioning. My name is Josh Settlage and my goal is help people and athletes of all shapes, sizes, experiences, skill, levels, and domains, become develop strength, power, health and athleticism in sport, as well in life. I have always had a passion for health and fitness as well as a deep desire for competition. My fitness journey started when I began doing push ups, sit ups, and curls in my room my 7th grade year in school. I used my dad’s old weight set I had seen him workout with since I was a boy. I was infatuated with Rocky, Rambo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jean Claude Van Damme and wanted to look and perform like them. Fast forward several years and now I am studying kinesiology at William Jessup University and am still filled with a love for working out and helping other workout to reach whatever health and fitness goals they desire.

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This website came about this fire I had inside me to help others along in their fitness journey, specifically in sports. I did martial arts for 4 years until I began to devote most of my time to wrestling year long for another 3 years. I was not the best wrestler by any means, but I did excel and work to be the best on the team when it came to the conditioning workouts. I hated losing matches, but I hated losing conditioning workouts even more simply because those were in my wheel house and I knew it was a strength of mine. 

After deciding to not wrestle my senior year in high school and to focus on school, I had more time on my hands to just workout. Not to workout to get better at any specific sport, but just to test out different methods of training and see what works for size, what works for maximum strength, endurance and what works for leaning out. After over a year of trying different training methods and workouts, I felt like it was time for me to share this knowledge and provide a platform to reach others who were interested in similar ventures.

This is just a place where I can post workouts, training tips, talk about my own fitness endeavors, and cultivate a community of people looking to improve their performance in sport and in life. This is the start of something new and I am learning along the way. Today marks day one. The first day of many that will hopefully reach and inspire those around me and many more I have yet to meet. Whether you want to put on size and get stronger for football, you want to lean out for the summer months, or you’ve never worked out since P.E. class and want to ease into living a healthy lifestyle again, my goal is to provide the resources and information for you to accomplish your goals. Lets get started shall we?


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